Linking Communities

Today as I was thinking about my past posts and the stated problem of some communities and schools having immense stores of resources in both human and monetary capitol, and other communities and schools being under resourced; I thought:  link them.  This thought came as I was brushing my teeth and deserves further exploration by others but what would happen if you linked certain communities and part of the school’s profile was how they partnered with a school outside their community? Practical events such chess team competition, Art club and book club events could be considered.  However, the partnership could go beyond this and share teaching resources and thought.  If the linked communities provided one another balance in demographics and potential resources the could partner to powerfully inform each other and the others as to lessons learned both in community and instruction.  This would require structured support, training in cross-cultural communications and just safe (non-violent) communication in general.  It would also require deep learning about the needs wants, and perceptions of both communities of one other and of themselves.  Fabulous and challenging times of discussion and understanding could provide solid learning to be applied in the building of community within and outside the school. This community construction is specifically aimed at increasing the equity and efficacy of instruction as well as the sense of belonging within our schools and communities.


Again, I believe we must do school in the context of our community and this requires building community inside and outside the school.  It also requires that this goal and way of doing school is a clearly stated part of the schools vision.  Not only is it stated, this goal and other parts of the school’s learning statement are revealed in practical images (videos, pictures, blogs, podcasts) so that the community of families and broader community understands the work and can see how they relate to it.    So…thoughts while brushing teeth.  Your comments and thoughts are appreciated.


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